Outdoor Space


Hexagon Apartments. Filled with natural materials and natural light. 

Feeling at home in an apartment like this – it’s natural.

After all, the stonework, leather, brass and wood have been carefully chosen. Their contrasting textures work together to create a scene of understated indulgence.

Your apartment will also feel airy, spacious and calming as natural light will be utilised to its full effect. The idea is to use the angles of the building to reflect light from outside, animating and illuminating interior spaces.

In fact, the strong geometric footprint of your apartment and its unusual shape creates a very organic, welcoming feel.

London Life

Hexagon Apartments stands tall above Covent Garden. As you walk towards it note the attention to detail of the design, colours and textures.

They combine to create a calming, refined impression, a modern twist on the institutional Portland Stone which dominates this locale.

Covent Garden is home to many exceptional buildings, such as E.M Barry’s imposing 1858, Grade I listed Royal Opera house frontage and is full of historic architectural gems.

Our development will hold its own in such exalted company. The chance to develop a building such as this is rare in this coveted location. So, this is truly an iconic development of 1 to 3 bedroom apartments and penthouses.

Tucked quietly behind the world renowned attraction that is Covent Garden, Hexagon Apartments puts so much within your reach. Its height and open aspects also allow you to rise above, and simply take in the joys of London life.